Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Garage Door

holiday decorating ideas

Nothing says the holidays have arrived like seeing your house and that of your neighbors decorated in holiday grandeur. While you are stringing lights and hanging garlands in preparation for the holidays, don’t overlook the largest flat surface on the front of your home – your garage door. Make the exterior of your home just as festive as its interior with these holiday decorating ideas.

Reusable Murals: Designed to be used on overhead, sectional garage doors, these unique holiday decorations allow you to easily use your garage door as normal. You can find a wide variety of pre-made, ready to stick murals online, which are quite durable allowing them to be reused every year. Magnets are also available.

Wrap it Up: Who doesn’t love presents – especially giant presents? With the door completely closed, wrap it up in much the same manner you would a holiday present using festively designed wrapping paper, and a little bit of box tape. For a finished look, don’t forget a big, velvet bow.

Star Light Projectors: Today’s light projectors use the same holographic technology found in theme parks to project spectacular stars onto any surface including your garage door. Projection coverage for most projectors is 4,000 square feet. Simply stake the projector in your lawn to illuminate your home with hundreds of twinkling stars.

Holiday Lights and/or Garland: If you have the ability to string a set (or two) of white or colored lights and/or some pre-lit garland around your garage, you can make it stand out in a tastefully, beautiful way. Just frame the outside of your garage door with the lights and garland. You can finish the look by hanging a wreath just above the door.

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A Hot Garage Is Just Not Cool

Welcome to yet another blazing hot summer! Temperatures might well be hovering in the triple digits, but you can still find plenty of ways to cool off, both in and out of the shade. Does finding refuge inside an air conditioned space sound like a grand idea? You’re not alone!

Many Tulsa residents take shelter inside their homes, and their garages, during the summer months. Keeping the garage cool is especially important for those that like to work on their car, tackle DIY projects, or just hang out (many have even converted their garage’s into man caves).

Let’s not kid ourselves, your garage may be cooler, but it’s really not that much cooler. That is, unless, you’ve incorporated one of the following methods. Here’s our favorite methods for cooling your garage down by at least a few notches:

  1. Circulate the Air

Does your garage have a window? You can install a one-room air conditioner in the window to bring in cool air. A more economical way to keep the air circulating is to strategically place fans (i.e. box, ventilation, exhaust, oscillating) throughout the area. Just keep the air moving.

  1. Think Insulation

If you spend lots of time in your garage, you may want to consider adding some form of insulation, as these materials will help to keep your garage cool during the dog days’ of summer. You can install insulation around windows, doors, walls and the ceiling.

  1. Garage Door Replacement

Is your existing garage door looking a bit worn? Then you may want to consider replacing it with a new fully-insulated garage door. Make sure to choose a door with a high R-value (thermal resistance); the higher the better. Insulation is an extremely effective method.

  1. Weather Stripping

Everyone wants to keep out hot air, yet they don’t know where to start, or which products make for the best investment. The good news, is that weather stripping is both economical, and effective. Weather stripping is the process of applying a one-sided sticky strip used to seal openings. It helps to seal air leaks by keeping the cool air in and the heat out. It includes:

  • Felt rolls which are relatively inexpensive but have a short lifespan.
  • Tubular rubber, vinyl, or silicone.
  • Foam tape made from EPDM rubber.
  • Door sweeps make of aluminum or stainless steel.

All of these ideas, and the many other ideas available, are effective at keeping your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, some of them have the added benefit, of increasing your home’s property value and curb appeal.

Thoughts & Prayers For Oklahoma

Pray For Oklahoma With the devastating tornado that has struck central Oklahoma, we have been praying for the families that have lost loved ones. We are also praying for the families that have lost their homes and all their possessions. This is a heart breaking situation for everyone who has watched this unfold. Dynamic Door wants everyone to know that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and by-standers.

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Our Happy Customer!

Our Happy Garage Door Customer

Dynamic Door TulsaWe just received this picture from one of our amazing customer who recently had a new garage door installed for their mom! It was a totally surprise to her and we’re pleased to say she totally loved the new look!

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Storefront Door Need a storefront door?

Your friends at Dynamic Door Service have been specializing in storefront doors for a wide range of commercial companies. If you are looking for a repair service for your storefront door, we can help you!

If you are finding that you storefront door is beyond repair, we can also replace and install a brand new storefront door. If your desire is to get a facelift for your current store, we know how to add the perfect touch to match your style.

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When entering a home, the first thing you see is the entry door that leads into the house. It can add a lasting impression while also setting your house apart. Beautifully designed entry doors can share with others about your lifestyle and your individuality. Not only do entry doors add to the cosmetics of your home, they also add security. Dynamic Door Services Tulsa, doesn’t want to only provide you with the outward appearance of an entry door, but we also focus on the functionality of a properly installed entry system.

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