Maintenance Tips for Garage Door & Openers

garage door maintenance tips

Routine safety checks, along with preventative maintenance measures, can help extend the life your garage door and opener. The International Door Association (IDA) recommends setting aside a few minutes every month to inspect and test your garage door system in its entirety. Your monthly maintenance check list should include performing the following tests and tasks:

Reversal Test: With the door fully open, place a 2×4 (or similar size object) on the floor, centered directly under the door. Operate the door in the down direction. When the door hits the object, it should immediately reverse direction. Never attempt to stop the door using your hands or a object. If the door fails to reverse direction, halt further use, and contact a professional repair technician.

Force Limit Setting Test: With the door fully open, place a 2×4 (or similair object) on the floor, centered directly under the door. Much the same as you would in the reversal test. Operate the door in the down direction. If the door fails to automatically reverse, the force may be excessive, and will require immediate adjustment

Door Balance and Alignment: With the door fully closed, disengage the garage door opener from the door itself, by simply pulling the red manual release rope straight down and then back towards the motor. Once disengaged, lift the door about 3 or 4 feet above the ground with your hands, and let go. If the door stays open, then it’s properly balanced, but if it closes then you’ll need to contact a professional.

Visual Inspections: Regularly inspecting all moving and non-moving components is one of the best ways to prevent malfunction. If you suspect that something is amiss, it’s best to leave it for the professionals to inspect and repair if need be. To maintain the tracks, simply wipe or vacuum any debris, which may prevent the rollers from moving smoothly along them.

Proper Lubrication: The IDA recommends regularly lubricating all of the moving components of your garage door during maintenance. You should, however, refrain from lubricating any plastic components. Using a high-quality silicone lubricant, lightly lubricate the door’s rollers, bearings, hinges, springs, chains (as long as they’re not plastic).


Common Garage Door Problems

Dynamic Door Service TulsaOwning any kind of machinery means that eventually, parts may need to be replaced. This includes cars, lawnmowers, and even garage doors. All these items have many pieces that help create bigger actions. For example, the garage door is the biggest moving part in your home and requires many smaller parts and pieces to help accomplish the main task, opening and closing the garage door. During the use of the garage door, wear and tear begins to take a toll on many or all the garage door pieces. When a part needs replacing, many common garage door problems can occur, as a result.

Common Garage Door Problems:

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Best Garage Door Tip For The Winter

Is your garage door feeling the effects of the colder weather?

Like many other items during the cold season, functioning smoothly can take more effort than before. Moving parts of cars, machines, and garage doors can become stiff, as a result of these low temperatures. In other cases, the harsh weather can cause older garage doors and openers to stop working at all. Although, there is a step you can take to prevent this from happening to your garage.

The best Garage Door tip for the winter time is lubrication. Using a lubricant that is made for garages can save you the hassle of dealing with the garage door and/or opener that is not running smoothly. The benefits of lubricating your garage door parts is that it will help to get rid of any stiffness, rigidness, and/or grease buildup that causes the garage door to work more in order to function correctly. Lubricating the rollers, hinges, and track of the garage door parts is easy and only requires wash cloth, lubricant, and a bit of effort.

Get your Garage Door & Opener ready for the cold weather:

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Added Security with a Zip Tie

It’s no secret that releasing the emergency latch will help you open the garage door, but did you ever consider who else can access this? Burglars and thieves are capable of entering your home through the use of a coat hanger and the emergency latch. This technique of opening the garage door from the outside has been shown online for the intention of teaching homeowners how to get inside, if ever locked out of their homes.

As helpful as this information may be, this also allows those with not so honest intentions to use the same method and accessing the inside of someone else’s house. The technique involves a coat hanger that is straighten from the sides and then is inserted into a small open space through the garage door. If the garage door has windows, then this only makes it easier to see where the coat hanger must go to release the emergency latch. The objective is to get the hook around the rope or the actual latch on the emergency latch, and then pull back to release the latch. From there, the garage door is opened and the entry door to the house is vulnerable.

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Garage Door Services

Do you currently own a garage door and could use some maintenance work, or are you in the market looking for a new garage door? Garage Door Tulsa specializes in Residential and Commercial garage door services in your area. We have certified technicians that are trained and knowledgeable to assure you the best Garage door installations and repairs. Garage Door Tulsa Services provide garage door repair and services, which include:

  • Garage Door Repair Tulsa
  • New Garage Doors Installed (Most can be repaired, ask us if you’re not sure)
  • Garage Door Openers Installed
  • Garage Door Openers Repaired
  • Broken Overhead Garage Door Springs
  • Torsion Spring Experts
  • Broken Garage Door Cables
  • Broken or Bent Rollers
  • Bent Track, Misaligned or Rusted Track
  • Replacement of Sections or Panels
  • 25-Point Safety Inspection
  • Garage Door Hardware Overhauls
  • Noisy Garage Doors Silenced

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Garage Door Repairs


Your Tulsa Garage Door Repair company repairs garage doors and garage door openers in Tulsa, Oklahoma with all kinds of damage, restoring their functionality and your family’s safety. Many times when your garage door doesn’t operate correctly, it can be fixed at a surprisingly affordable price. That is our goal for any of our customers. We want to provide effective repairs at affordable prices.

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