The Benefits of Dash Cams

dash cams

Have you even been a victim of road rage? Or found yourself in an accident? Ever had your vehicle dinged while at the supermarket? We’ve all had it happen just as I’m sure we’ve all wished there was a way to document it for insurance or other purposes – yet, wait, there is.

Increasing in popularity, dash cams can help you avoid the headaches associated with “he said, she said” statements should you ever find yourself dealing with the unfortunate event of an accident. If you’re in the market for a dash cam or want to learn what benefits they provide, we invite you to read on.

What Is It?

While some vehicles come pre-equipped with the manufactures version of a dash cam, the dash cams we’re speaking of are simply mounted on or around your vehicle’s dashboard, thus the name “dash cam.” They can be easily installed using a suction cup mount or sticky tape like mounts.

Whether powered by batteries, plugged into your power port, or hardwired into your vehicle’s 12-volt system these fairly inexpensive cameras provide faithful video recordings of your driving habits – and that of those around you – completely hands and distraction-free.

What Should I Care?

Just some of the many benefits of installing and using a dash cam in your vehicle, or even on your bicycle (they’re a cheaper alternative to pricy sports/action gear), can be found below. These benefits should sway over even those drivers that are a bit squeamish about being “watched.”

Benefit #1: Documentation in an Accident

Accidents happen to the best of us! And, they happen very quickly, which makes sometimes makes it difficult to recall all of the details surrounding the accident. Details that your insurance company wants to know; and that are virtually guaranteed to deter from that of the other party (or parties) involved.

This is where dash cams can be extremely resourceful as they simply record the facts, and just the facts. The footage recorded has the potential to help you avoid charges, reduces any fees, as well as reveal details that could be useful in court – regardless of who was at fault.

Benefit #2: Protection in the Event of Insurance Fraud

The unfortunate and quite honestly ugly truth of the matter is that there are many people in the world that are looking to make a quick buck by intentionally becoming involved in an accident – with you. False claims, unfounded accusations, or faked injuries happen all too often.

All of which can cost you thousands of dollars in payments, legal fees (if it goes to court), and increased insurance premiums. A dash cam can protect you from ever having to deal with a fraudulent claim; something I’m sure your insurance company will thank you for.

Benefit #3: Record Road Rage & Other Crimes

Because dash cams record the front of the road – there are, however, other configurations available that will allow you to record the rear as well as the front – they allow you to capture any dangerous activity that may be committed by other drivers on the road.

This means that if someone were to cut you off, make an illegal U-turn, is swerving all over the road, or causes an accident while they are in viewing reach of your dash cam, you’ll have valuable footage to help the police get to the bottom of what really happened.

Keeping you informed and safe! ~ Dynamic Door Tulsa


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