Get Rid Of Air Leaks With Weatherstripping

There is always something you can do around your home to make things more efficient. One of those tasks is changing/adding new weather stripping around the house. This includes all exterior doors, windows, and doors that lead to an addict basement, and/or garage. Weatherstripping your doors and windows is beneficial because it will help to keep your energy costs down by creating a seal from gaps, cracks, and any other opening in and/or near windows and doors. The best part is that weatherstripping your doors is easy, can be done by the homeowner, and can be done in less than one day.

Tools Needed

What You Will Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Weather Stripping
  • Door Sweep
  • Wash Cloth
  • Dish Soap


Before going to your local home improvement store, consider doing a quick and precise inventory of all your doors. Write down how many doors will need weather stripping and which ones will need replacing. After finding the total number of doors that will be weather proofed, make sure to buy the same amount of Door Sweeps, as each door will only need one installed at the bottom of each door.

It is also helpful to know the length and width of your doors so that you will be able to buy the correct amount of weather stripping, as it is sold by length (ft.) and width (in.).

Now is the time to purchase your weather strips and door sweeps for your doors. Once you have returned, fill a medium size bowl with water and a bit of soap to create soapy water. Use a wash cloth to dip into the water but make sure to wring it out so that it does not create a wet mess everywhere. Start wiping and cleaning each door with the soapy wash cloth and then let the doors dries completely. Also, before applying the new weather stripping, make sure you have removed any damaged and worn out stripping from the previous application.

Start Weatherstripping Your Doors:

  1. Cut each weather stripping to the correct length. You will need two per door (one for the width of the door that will be placed on top, and a second that will be the length of the door and will be placed along the side).
  2. Remove the plastic backing from the weather strip foam, as it is a self-adhesive foam. Then press the weather strip against the stop moulding of the door.
  3. Grab the door sweep and cut it so that it fits perfectly at the bottom of the door. Grab the screwdriver and close the door. Position the door sweep along the bottom of the door and begin screwing to the door.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have finished all of the doors.
  5. Your doors are now weather stripped.


Weatherstripping your door is essential for your home and your energy costs. Its purpose is to prevent air leaks and provides other benefits during the warm and cold seasons. If you have not already, plan sometime this week to weather strip your doors.


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