Keep Your Deposit and Replace Your Own Screen Door

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Nicki’s DIY Doggy Door

For anyone who has ever rented or is currently renting an apartment, house, or condo, small children and pets can heighten your awareness of your deposit. The best case scenario when renting is that you will be able to return the place as it was rented to you and most importantly, receiving your deposit back. Sometimes, things do not work out through the renting process. For example, bringing a puppy into an apartment without training led to a hole through the screen door to the patio. This adorable puppy managed to create her very own doggy door which was effective for her but disappointing to us. What some of us fail to remember is that many things are easily replaceable and it can even be replaced by you.

What does this mean for all renters?

If your screen door has paid the price because of a small children, pets, and/or adults, you do not have to worry that you will not receive your deposit. All you need is one day, materials, and instructions on how to DIY!! We have the DIY Replacing Screen instructions to help with keeping your deposit.

Let’s get started!


  • Replacement Screen (about 6 inches longer than width)
  • Replacement Spline
  • Screen & Spline Tool
  • Utility Knife

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1: Remove the Screen Door Frame and place on a flat surface, like the garage or back patio.

Step 2: Remove old Spline from the screen door. (This is the black material within the creases of the door)

Step 3: Remove old and/or damaged Screen from the door frame. (After Spline is removed, the Screen should come out smoothly.)

Step 4: Lay new Screen material over the door frame and allow up to 6 inches of width to be longer than needed.

Step 5: After centering the Screen, pull taut and use Spline and Spline tool to begin inserting new Spine in the crease of the door. (Start and the top and work your way around)

  • Note: Ensure that the material stays taut and smooth, or creases will be visible when finished.

Step 6: Use utility knife or small blade to trim the leftover material from door frame.

Step 7: Install door frame and enjoy the relief of having your Screen Door looking like NEW again!!


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