Added Security with a Zip Tie

It’s no secret that releasing the emergency latch will help you open the garage door, but did you ever consider who else can access this? Burglars and thieves are capable of entering your home through the use of a coat hanger and the emergency latch. This technique of opening the garage door from the outside has been shown online for the intention of teaching homeowners how to get inside, if ever locked out of their homes.

As helpful as this information may be, this also allows those with not so honest intentions to use the same method and accessing the inside of someone else’s house. The technique involves a coat hanger that is straighten from the sides and then is inserted into a small open space through the garage door. If the garage door has windows, then this only makes it easier to see where the coat hanger must go to release the emergency latch. The objective is to get the hook around the rope or the actual latch on the emergency latch, and then pull back to release the latch. From there, the garage door is opened and the entry door to the house is vulnerable.

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