Would You DIY A Solar Space Heater?

Being able to “surf the web” and knowing how to search through it can be quite interesting. For example, I have found a blog involving a DIY project for your garage. After reading the blog, I was surprised at how simple it can be to make things versus buying that thing.

Solar Space Heater

Within this blog, the writer, David Quilty, informs us about his problem, which is not being able to work in the garage during fall and winter. The problem is the temperature. Day and night, the garage is too cold to do any kind of work, so he came up with a solution. His solution was to create a DIY Solar Space Heater.

Now that sounds like a difficult task to do, but, David continued on to write that this really works and is worth the time and effort. All that is needed for this project are empty aluminum cans painted black, a window frame with window still intact, duct tape, insulation, plywood, a dryer vent, screen covers, and time.

The fact that this DIY project worked for him is amazing and it definitely sparked some interest to do the same. If you are interested in learning how to create a small Solar Space Heater to heat a small room or garage, make sure to visit TheGoodHuman.com for further instructions!!

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