The Season of Man Caves!

FB IMAGEIt is almost time to begin getting your den ready for Football Season. Are you excited? Well, we have the perfect preparations to get you hyped about this NFL season, regardless of who “YOUR TEAM” is. The best part of this preparation is that it will give you enough time to save money for a small budget. Yes, you will need a budget to work with and you will see why.

Imagine your very own man cave! We will tell you what you’ll need and the rest is up to your imagination. Whether you will use your den, garage, or a room, let’s make this happen before the season begins.

You will need:

  • A Budget/Savings
  • Furniture
  • TV
  • Theme
  • Accessories
  • Paint
  • Rugs

A few of these items are completely option and will depend on what you want in this room. As an example, we will turn our Garage into our Man Cave.

As obvious as it may sound, you must first begin to brainstorm about what you want. Make sure to ask the “right questions”. For example, will you be painting the walls? Do you need to buy another TV or do you already have one? What will the theme be? Do you have enough furniture for you and your guests?

These question must be answered prior to coming up with your budget. Once you have concluded the items needed for your man cave, now it is time to set a budget. Will you be spending $200 or less? Make sure to stick with your budget, as your money is earned through your hard work and we wouldn’t want anyone in debt over this. 😉

Finally, once you have your budget, begin shopping for the items needed. Again, stay within your budget. After you have purchased and/or collected all of your items, it is now time to begin decorating. Remove items that are not a part of your theme and move furniture around so that it suites you best. After all, this will be YOUR Man Cave and it should reflect what you like and love.

With that being said, enjoy yourself while you create your “seasonal” or perhaps yearly, man cave space!



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